Life daily requires choice and decision: "Two roads diverged...." It also requires courage: "I took the one less traveled by... and that has made... all the difference."

PISTEO (a Greek verb) is described as...

any Action...

based on any Belief...

sustained by our Confidence.

We are Pisteo Powered People daily driven by the confidence we assume (or often... presume) about our particularly held beliefs be it in the intellectual, physical, spiritual, or social spheres of life.

We are on a Journey... endlessly climbing over hurdles... or going around every imaginable obstacle. All too often passing through valleys. Terrible valleys... valleys of despair... of great disappoinment and weeping. But we can't sit down too long. Certainly not there. Like the great Churchill once said: If you're going through Hell... keep going!

Hopefully, we keep going! Hopefully, we keep growing a little... on our Way. And even when it seems that all hope may be lost... 'cause we often don't know or can't really tell... just hopefully, we're also getting stronger -- going from strength to Strength.

Oh, I may not... as the Poet wrote -- be telling this with a sigh. But I swear... I must confess, I took the road less travelled by. I see you did, too. And that... has made all the difference.

May your Feet takeYou to places yet uncovered.

May your Heart carryYou away... to Joys unspeakable!

And while you're here...

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.